We build intelligent machines, train, and certify youths on ultra-modern courses in automation, robotics, 3D printing, CNC machining, artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and machine learning. Equipped with a fully-functional robotics laboratory, unlimited internet access, and a peculiarly-conducive environment, we are primed to export next-generation solutions to the world. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver right quality products on the job and provide excellent mentorship and consultancy services in all things automation, AI, and robotics. 

Crystotech Robotics Engineering Curriculum (CREC) provides a comprehensive study of engineering concepts including

  • Physics
  • Programming
  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical and electronics systems

These core concepts are delivered through relevant activities and projects using robotics as a vehicle to convey the principles of engineering. Using the award winning Arduino Robotics hardware and Arduino programming software, CREC generates excitement and enthusiasm for engineering.

CREC’s hybrid curriculum is aligned to STEM standards recognized nationwide, including Atlas of Science, ITEEA and NCTM. When combined with embedded system, you can map and report on the performance of your students, school or district to any set of standards!

CREC delivers instruction in a format today’s digital learners thrive in: blended learning with interactive delivery, simulations and team-based activities.

  1. Project-based learning is an essential learning strategy throughout CREC

With authentic activities, scenarios and in-class competitions as capstone projects, CREC creates an educational experience that is relevant to students. Working in groups with a common goal, students use their imagination and inquiry to develop individual solutions. Competitions and projects motivate students and solidify the concepts learned in the classroom. Students develop communication, teamwork and leadership skills while also learning core engineering principles

2. Flexible curriculum provides differentiated instruction for diverse learners

Multiple instructional strategies enable students with varying knowledge, abilities and interests to become active and involved. CREC immerses students in exciting scenarios to reinforce concepts and help connect the educational experience with relevant interests in the world around them.

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