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eAttend, a product from Crystotech is a security system that has branches in both Embedded Systems and Software Solutions. Made specifically for staffs as well as students in Primary and Secondary school, it’s components basically include smart card reader, an ID card, an online dashboard and a mobile App.

A smart card reader is installed at the entrance of the school where everyone passes into the school. We also provide the option of placing it at various at various strategic locations for more efficiency. Every student and staff is given a unique ID card that contains information about them. When they get to the Hardware device they swipe it and automatically it marks their attendance.

How it works, Staffs and Students

For staffs:

Immediately a staff swipes his/her card, the card reader device automatically notifies the admin dashboard about the staffs presence. The school dashboard is operated by an admin or group of admins who has the sole right of operating it with a unique password.

The device can also be put in strategic places like classroom entrances where the teachers will swipe before and after lectures.

Staffs have access to the admin dashboard where they can check their history, relate with fellow staffs and check their productivity.

For Students

Students swipe their cards immediately they enter the school premises. Their parent or guidance are notified immediately, of the time they arrived at school. Every student also swipes his/her cards when they leave the school premises. When they leave the school premises not necessarily when they close from school for the day. The parents are notified with instant messages. Parents can also chose to subscribe to the option of a mobile app whereby they will not only be notified by push notifications but they can also check their child’s attendance statistics.

Complementing your former website /school portal parents can pay school fees, view child details, buy materials and get official notifications from the mobile app. The good news here is the app is built in such a secured way that it cannot be hacked and only registered individuals have access to it

 How it works, Productivity and Security


We ran a survey and the data from the survey revealed that a reasonable amount of employees and staffs in secondary schools around Nigeria are lazy and unproductive. We then devised a means to check productivity of staffs. We propose that each teacher has a unique card that they swipe whenever they go to and leave a classroom. The card reader automatically notifies the school admin through a dashboard where the attendance percentage can be recorded and evaluated from time to time. The dashboard deducts their performance difference from their monthly salaries each month. For example, if Teacher A is meant to attend 10 classes and get 10 naira. His salary will be distributed into the number of classes he has to attend (10) and if he misses 2, the percentage (2/10*100=20%) will be deducted from his salary. If Teacher A doesn’t have a reasonable excuse for not going for his lectures, he goes home with 8 naira.


We plan to ensure security by notifying each parents and the school admin the time of arrival and departure of students from schools. Parents will be rest assured that their children are safe and they can know where they are or are meant to be at each given time. The card reader can be connected to a visual display device e.g. a television, where the school authorities can validate who authorized to pick the children after school. The pictures and full information of the authorized  individuals will be shown immediately the child or the individuals swipes his/her card, this will to a large extent reduce kidnapping.

The admin dashboard, mobile app and card reader device are built with up to date technology that will limit hacking.

Our goal is to increase security to 100%.


Aside sickness, student sometimes face unforeseen circumstances that might make them miss school for a day, a week or as long as possible. If the circumstance allows the child to learn during this period, he can learn online. eAttend is the first and only product in Nigeria that implements this. Every subject syllabus is uploaded on the database by default. Using their dashboard/app, teachers are allowed to upload whatever they do in class to the database. The students can access each lecture, videos, projects and assignment for the day in real time using the ‘parent app’ or a secured login through the school database. The students can finish projects and upload them to their individual teachers for continuous assessment.

During holidays, students can still stay in touch with their teacher and carry out assignments. Learning has been made easy with eattend, each school should have it.